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Recovery From an Ankle Sprain

Ignoring an ankle sprain is likely to result in an increased chance of having a chronically weakened ankle joint. For that reason, following a rigid treatment plan for recovery is essential. The first step to a healthy ankle after a sprain is decreasing the pain and swelling by staying off the injured foot. If the ankle is extremely swollen or cannot bear weight, it is important to see a chiropodist immediately. The foot will be tested for stability and range of motion to determine the extent of the injury. An X-ray may be taken to rule out a broken bone or other abnormality. In many cases, the ankle may be put into a brace or other immobilizing device to keep it stable. Eventually, stretching and strengthening exercises will begin as a way to rehabilitate the injured ligament and its supporting muscles. Range of motion exercises will follow. Healing from an ankle sprain can take up to several months to complete. If you have sprained an ankle, it is suggested that you make an appointment with a chiropodist for recovery options.

When one or more ligaments in the ankle overstretch or tear due to injury, an ankle sprain occurs. If you would like to learn more about ankle sprains, please consult with Paul A. Scotti, D.Ch from West Toronto Foot & Ankle Clinic Inc. . Our chiropodist can help you maintain the health of your lower limbs and your mobility. 

Symptoms of an ankle sprain vary depending on the severity of the injury, but may include: 

  • Pain

  • Swelling

  • Bruising

  • Tenderness

  • Difficulty walking

  • Ankle instability

  • A reduced range of motion in the ankle 

Treatments for an ankle sprain may consist of: 

  • Resting the injured ankle

  • Applying ice

  • Elevating the ankle

  • Compressing the ankle

  • Over-the-counter pain medications

  • Ankle braces or other devices to take weight off of the ankle

  • Ankle exercises 

  • Surgery (in rare cases) 

It’s important for the sprained ankle to heal correctly and fully in order to avoid repeated injury. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office located in . We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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