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Types of Ankle Fractures

Ankle fractures, often misconceived as a single ailment, encompass a range of injuries affecting the bony structures around the ankle joint. These fractures occur when one or more of the bones in the ankle are broken, which are known as the tibia, fibula, or talus. Among the various types of fractures, the lateral malleolus fracture involves the fibula, while a medial malleolus fracture affects the tibia. Bi-malleolar fractures involve both bones, and tri-malleolar fractures encompass the tibia, fibula, and the posterior aspect of the tibia. The latter may require surgical intervention. Additionally, Pott's fracture, often the result of excessive twisting, affects both the fibula and tibia, causing the ankle joint to dislocate. High-impact injuries, falls, or trauma during sports can lead to these fractures. Accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment are essential to ensure optimal recovery and prevent long-term joint issues. It is beneficial to understand the diverse types of ankle fractures, which can help to determine a tailored medical plan for each patient. If you have broken your ankle, it is suggested that you consult with a chiropodist who can accurately diagnose and treat ankle fractures.

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