Compromised Wounds in Canada


Executive Summary


Wounds are a serious health care issue with profound personal, clinical and economic implications. They can be excruciatingly painful and debilitating, and they can undermine function, mobility and quality of life. Chronic wounds in particular present unique healing challenges to those whose health is already compromised. The treatments, medications, interventions and dressings associated with wounds also represent a significant financial burden to the health care system. Most importantly, many wounds are avoidable with the provision of better health care services and a greater focus on prevention.


Click on teh link below to view a study that explores the prevalence of wounds in 2011–2012 in Canada, using administrative data from hospitals, home care, hospital-based continuing care and long-term care facilities.  This study examines the prevalence of compromised wounds by type and by health care setting. It also evaluates several risk factors associated with wounds, such as diabetes, circulatory disease and age.


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