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Ten Years ago, if I was asked “Where I thought I would be today?” I would have said “Exactly where I am”.

I approach all aspects of my life with honesty, passion and an open heart. To me, this is the only way to achieve true success and it is exactly the approach I took when we started Ideal Protein.

When I first met Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, co-founder of Ideal Protein, I could feel his passion for what we now know as the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. Immediately I knew we were going to do great things together and have a major impact in people’s lives, by offering a solution to a worldwide obesity epidemic.

Ideal’s Protein’s humble beginnings were built on the foundation of a rock-solid protocol, weight loss science and the passion we had to drive it. We took an incredible method and taught each clinic, not just how it worked, but why it worked.

Over a Decade of Helping People in Their Struggle with Meaningful Weight Loss

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method focuses not just on weight loss, but on the lifestyle changes needed to maintain your results after dieting. These two pillars, weight loss and lifestyle change, are at the heart of what makes our program unique. 

Ideal Protein is a comprehensive approach to weight loss with a beginning, a middle and an end...because without the knowledge to maintain your results, your weight loss may be temporary and nothing more than a false promise. I don’t believe in promises, I believe in results...and I’m not alone.  Today, Ideal Protein is available in over 3,000 independent clinics worldwide and backed by thousands of international health professionals who recognize it as the best weight loss method for their patients.

Dedicated to Teaching You Lifestyle Changes that can Help You Maintain Your Results After Dieting

A core component of Ideal Protein is our dedication to education and development for our Dieters, Coaches and Clinics. Our focus is not and will never be the mere sale of products, but rather the global epidemic that our medically developed protocol addresses. Providing our dieters with a quality of service to match the quality of our products is our number one priority. Therefore, we strive to provide you a standard of care with the same high quality service, support and superior weight loss coaching at every clinic and center that offers the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.

I’ve always felt that weight loss is more than just a matter of looking good. It is feeling good from the inside out. It’s about eating for pleasure not necessity, buying the clothes you want to wear, not just what fits and being able to do the little things in life that many people take for granted, like playing with your children.

Yours in good health,
Olivier Benloulou
President / CEO
Ideal Protein

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