NEW 3D Space Capsule Massage Chair

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NEW 3D Space Capsule Massage Chair


NEW Space Capsule Massage Chairs represents a combination of space capsule seat technology, amazing mechanical design and pneumatic massage technique. Because of the ergonomic design and zero gravity technology, people can experience a naturally relaxed state of levitation, and thus feel completely free from the discomfort caused by the gravity of the earth.With advanced design, the back of the chair is adjustable in the range of 120-170° and the seat is adjustable between 10-30°. Through angle adjustment of the back, seat and legs, a comfortable zero-gravity state can be realized.

The easily operated hand controller has a button to realize zero gravity. Just one touch and the chair can automatically achieve zero gravity state, where you can feel floating in space and completely relaxed.

Owing to the armrest and back linkage design, the arm can be kept in a comfortable state all the time no matter how the position changes.

The 3D flexible massager on the chair back is retractable back and forth up to 7cm, which can perform various actions, such as kneading, knocking, finger pressing, tapping, rolling, pushing, on the neck, shoulders, back, waist, and hip. It also includes a unique feature - shoulder pressing.

NEW 3D Neck Massage


With ur NEW Space Capsule Massage Chair, the massage route up to 71cm as well as the gear and rack drive can provide a comprehensive care from the neck to the sacral vertebrae.3D finger pressing is characterized by vertical force, exerted on the neck, shoulders, back, waist and other parts, fully reaching deep muscles. Simulating the thumb of professional masseur, the machine can perform finger pressing on different parts of the body in a proper manner, providing a wonderful massage experience.

Neck massage includes a unique traction function. After gentle and forceful kneading on the neck, the 4 wheels softly grip the both sides of the neck, slowly lifting upward, which is effective in preventing cervical disease and symptoms of cervical discomfort, particularly suitable for those doing regular desk job.

The novel capsule-type air pressure massage armrests adopts an integrated embedded design, whereby the various combinations of 20 different sized airbags can perform kneading on hand, wrist, forearm, and upper arm.

Especially, the shoulder wrap-pressure massage is like palms pushing shoulders forcefully, providing a unique feeling of comfort.

NEW Technology is Pioneer in the Country


The 9 seat airbags combined with the 2 waist airbags can realize waist torsion and body stretching functions, and give massage on the buttocks and thighs, so as to alleviate the symptoms of fatigue.By automatic massage program, the 28 airbags at legs and feet can tightly wrap the soles of the feet, ankles, calves in turn, performing gentle and forceful pressing repeatedly.

The plates under the feet are pushed up by airbags after feet are held, and forceful finger pressing is performed on the acupoints on the soles, meanwhile the tendon and calf are pressed and kneaded. Like a real foot massage expert, it can relieve leg swelling and relax leg muscles.

In addition to automatic leg-length detection and automatic retractable function, the pedals are equipped with unique foot holders, which can push the foot up to 30 degrees, producing a very good therapeutic effect on ankle joints and heel tendon. As a major feature of our NEW Space Capsule Massage Chair, this technology is a pioneer in the country.

NEW Built in MP3 Decoder

Your Space Capsule Massage Chair comes with built in acoustic speakers for surround sound and a built in MP3 Decoder.
Attach to your favorite Music and let your Space Capsule Massage Chair offer you the best in Massage, Music and Entertainment.Enhances the Total Relaxation Experience,our Space Capsule Massage Chair synchronizes with the rhythm of your favorite Music / Sound, creating endless variety of massage.
Music - Sync Massage is the Tone, Rhythm and Volume of Music / Sound selected transformed into a Synchronized Massage.

Full Frequency Speakers are located at both sides of the shoulder giving you a relaxing massage while enjoying the music.

Offers Full Luxury Features

  • NEW Leg Stretch and Ankle Tork
  • NEW Inversion Program
  • NEW Stretch Programs
  • NEW Expanded Manual Function with Reverse Function & Random Function
  • NEW Zero Gravity
  • NEW Shape Detection Sensor
  • NEW Optical Sensors

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