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Laser Toenail Treatments

At the forefront of laser nail care, Onychomycosis (Nail Fungus) is painlessly with Laser Treatment Technology. The uniqueness of the therapy lies in the fact that it harnesses a proprietary near-infrared photo-inactivation effect, to achieve the elimination of fungi, while preserving healthy tissue and advancing the recovery process with virtually no side effects.

Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is a very common problem that affects millions of people all over the world. In the United States alone, there are some 30 million people who have toenail fungus.

Toenail fungus is a very difficult condition to treat because the fungus actually gets inside and under the nail tissue. Since the nail tissue is hard and largely impermeable, it is difficult to get medications directly on the fungus to kill it.

That’s why things like creams and lotions are only partly effective: they can kill fungus on the surface of the nail or on the skin, but they can’t reach the fungus deep in the nail.

This is why lasers may offer an increased success rate in treating nail fungus: they can beam light into and under the nail tissue where the fungus lives.

Noveon laser light operation system

The laser utilizes two specific wavelengths of laser light for advanced microbial destruction. The uniqueness of the therapy lies in the fact that it harnesses a patented near-infrared photo-inactivation effect, to achieve the elimination of bacteria and fungi, while preserving healthy tissue. The result of therapy is to advance the recovery process with virtually no side effects.

Here’s how it works:

  • The laser light is targeted to the infected toes and surrounding tissues safely and reliably
  • Precisely targeting the laser light is done easily with the use of ‘intelligent’ disposables attached to the toes
  • The two wavelengths of laser light penetrate deep below the nail surface to reach the infected nail bed
  • The fungus in the nail bed is inactivated by the laser light while preserving healthy tissue
  • The fully automated design system ensures the correct dose is given for each treatment every time without fail
  • Up to four toes can be treated simultaneously in 15 minutes
  • Depending on the severity of infection, 3 or 4 treatments per toe are needed

The Treatments

What the Noveon Treatment looks like

The NailLaser treatment sessions are quick and painless. A typical visit will take 20-30 minutes total, including preparation and clean-up time. There are no side effects or after effects. You will be able to leave the office and continue on with your day totally normally.

The three main things to understand about the laser are:

  • clean ‘toe pods’ are attached to your toes at every visit
  • laser emitters clip into the toe pods to deliver the laser light in precise dose every time – once the emitters are clipped into the toe pods, the laser light is totally sealed in and can’t escape
  • the device is fully automated and uses a sophisticated pre-programmed algorithm to deliver an exact dosage of light energy to the nail surface for maximum effectiveness and patient comfort

Before & After

The treatment has had succes in treating toenail fungus in patients with all levels of severity. Success with the laser will vary depending on severity of the infection, number of toes infected, age and health of the patient.

As these time-lined photos indicate, patients have achieved remarkable results with Noveon within only a few months (it takes time for clear, fungus-free nail tissue to grow out).

Noveon patient results by Dr Gventer

Noveon patient results, Dr Gventer

noveon patient results by dr gventer

Noveon patient results by Dr Gventer

This laser system is the only laser treatment that is published in JAPMA (Journal of the American Podiatric Medicine Association).  Click to see the full reasearch study.

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