Pressure mapping

An in-shoe system providing pedal plantar pressure and force measurements on the foot. Information regarding plantar pressure distribution is instantly displayed on a computer screen to enhance the ability to evaluate, substantiate, and document a diagnosis.


  • Analyze pathomechanics related to foot dysfunctions and gait disorders
  • Assess effect of orthotics on foot and gait
  • Screen for disorders secondary to diabetes and other neuropathic issues
  • Identify areas of potential ulceration
  • Observe foot function and gait abnormalities
  • Regulate weight bearing after surgery
  • Compare pre- and post-surgery conditions
  • Monitor degenerative foot disorders
  • Assess high pressures due to ray hypomobility
  • Isolate regions of the foot for segmented analysis


  • Enhance treatment outcomes
  • Improve orthotic footwear performance
  • Manage treatment of foot inside the shoe
  • Reduce the need for follow-up and orthotic adjustments
  • Provide supporting documentation for fee-for-service approach and/or insurance claims
These diabetic feet look fine now, but due to the lack of feeling, the truth is hidden until the damage is done. The assessment during walking shows the high pressure areas in the red and the low in blue puting the feet at risk of ulerations. After Assessment the orthosis can now be manufactured to address and  off load those high pressure areas.


In the example below we can see the before and after pressure mapping of this diabetic's foot ulcer and how the orthotics are able to releive the pressure to allow it to heal.



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