Take care of overpronation with foot orthotics

By Brandi Schlossberg

Our feet are our faithful servants when it comes to daily movements, ranging from simply standing and walking to running and dancing. Unfortunately, when the function or alignment of one or both feet is impaired, this tends to affect the entire body, and it can result in issues that may affect the ankles, shins, knees, pelvis, back and other regions of the body.

Clearly, the feet play a key role in our overall ability to function and in our body’s overall health, so keeping them healthy and in proper alignment is vital to basic well-being.

When it comes to common issues that may plague the feet, one such condition is overpronation.

To understand overpronation, it may help to first understand that it is normal and even necessary for the feet to pronate, or roll inward, when in contact with the ground. The degree at which the feet roll inward too much is called overpronation, and it is a condition that can cause problems.

Wellness professionals should be on the lookout for overpronation among patients and clients. Whether mild or severe, this condition typically needs to be addressed and corrected as quickly as possible. Fortunately, foot orthotics are a common and effective approach to correcting this condition, as the proper orthotics can support and stabilize the feet so that they do not roll inward to such a great degree.

After being fitted with foot orthotics, the client or patient who overpronates should begin to see some improvement in the issues the condition may have caused. Foot orthotics used to correct overpronation can help alleviate associated problems such as tight muscles, bunions, calluses, knee pain, Achilles tendinits and plantar fasciitis, for example.

A person with mild overpronation may benefit from the use of foot orthotics; however, those people who spend quite a bit of time on their feet, either due to work or fitness pursuits, should be extra cautious when it comes to spotting and correcting the issue.


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