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Foot Health: Do you feel like you’re walking
on glass? You might have a deep callus


By Dr. Sarah Voelkel
KyForward columnist

Many of our patients come in with calluses on their feet, some painful and some nonpainful. But one specific type of callus that causes significant pain – a feeling of walking on glass – is called a porokeratosis.

There are many forms of porokeratosis, but what we commonly see is a callus lesion with a core that extends deeper than the superficial skin layer. This deep extension causes increased pain, and it only gets bigger and more painful with time.

This type of skin lesion is commonly mistaken for a wart.

The cause of these lesions is not fully known, but have been associated with excessively sweaty feet and chronic pressure points on the bottom of the feet.

Treatment includes debridement of the lesion in the office, which involves removal of the deep core. Topical medications are then applied to help remove the lesion and medicines to apply at home to dry up the lesion and slough off the dry skin.

The underlying condition leading to the development of the lesion should be addressed as well. This can include treating the sweaty foot condition or addressing excessive pressure points of the feet.

Remember, pain in your feet is not normal. It’s your body’s way of telling you something could be wrong. Visit your podiatrist at the first sign of trouble to avoid continued pain and grief.


Dr. Sarah Voelkel is a foot and ankle surgeon atLexington Podiatry and the Kentucky Heel Pain Center


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